Full or Part-Time Therapist

To apply, email Jason Drwal at jasondrwal@evergreentherapycenter.comPlease attach a resume/CV and explain your interest in the position. See description below.


About us

Evergreen Therapy Center is a provider-centered mental health clinic in North Liberty, Iowa. Our philosophy is that the best client care comes from providers who are passionate about their work, have excellent work-life balance, are highly trained, and are committed to effective treatment practices.

•Our work environment includes:

•Flexible working hours

•Casual work attire

•Work-from-home days

•Relaxed atmosphere


Counselor/Social Worker/Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist Qualifications

We are looking for an outpatient therapist (LISWs, LMHCs, LMFTs, or Psychologists) with a full and unrestricted license to practice therapy in Iowa. Experience in treating trauma or a willingness to learn a trauma-focused treatment (such as EMDR, CBT, CPT, PE, DBT, or other models) is essential. Experience working with adolescents is preferred but not required. Working with children, couples, and families is possible but optional. Interest in supervising temp-licensed staff is a must and we will provide training if you are new to supervising.


What You’ll Do

•Conduct outpatient individual therapy in our office located in North Liberty, Iowa and remotely. You’ll conduct intakes and follow-up sessions seeing adults (and adolescents if trained in this).

•Supervise temporary licensed staff, including tLMFTs, tLMHCs, MSWs, or postdoctoral psychologists.

•Group therapy may be offered in the future as our clinic grows.

•Optional: individual therapy with adolescents or children, couples therapy, and family therapy.


Our Mission and Philosophy

Evergreen Therapy Center is a provider-centered mental health clinic in North Liberty, Iowa. Our philosophy is that the best client care comes from providers who are passionate about their work, have excellent work-life balance, are highly trained, and are committed to effective treatment practices.

Unlike most other clinics, we are not a fast-growing clinic nor do we want to be. If you are looking for a corporate-style practice, we are not that. We are building a team of like-minded therapists who are hard-working, provide high-quality care, and value work-life balance. We want you to feel energized by your work and have control of the flow and balance of that work.

When it comes to client care, we focus on what is effective. We use measurement-based care, meaning we do frequent (but often short) assessments throughout treatment to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts in each case. We develop clear treatment goals for our clients and encourage, teach, and challenge our clients to reach those goals.

We expect clients to be active participants in their change process. We don’t provide therapy just to give someone a place “to vent” or “get stuff off their chest.” We want to see clients become independent and leave treatment with skills they can apply to their lives. At the same time, the door is always open for clients to return for follow-up episodes of care.


Salary $90,000 to $100,000

Pay for full-time therapists is 65% of gross revenue, resulting in a per-session income of $76 to $106 per follow-up session. A realistic yearly income for this position is between $90,000 to $100,000 per year, including taking off 6 weeks per year with a caseload of 22 to 25 clients per week. Income can greatly increase depending on your caseload size and weeks in the clinic. A salary of over $100,000 is readily possible without burning yourself out.

Bonus pay is possible for meeting certain caseload/revenue goals and for supervision of temp licensed staff as well.

Our providers are employees (not independent contractors). Evergreen Therapy Center pays payroll taxes and provides furnished office space, EHR software, advertising, billing services, and other services necessary to build your caseload. We accept Blue Cross, Medicare, and private pay and in the future will only take insurances that pay fairly and reimburse in a timely fashion.


Schedule and Caseload

A flexible schedule is a key benefit of this job. You can do a combination of remote and in-person sessions or all in-person sessions, depending on your preferences and client needs. Typically, we see 25% to 50% of clients by video. Hours are flexible but typically from 8:30 am until 5 pm. You can work remotely some days if desired. Therapists aim to see a caseload of 25 clients per week for 46 weeks per year. As long as you reach your caseload goals, you can create just about any schedule that works for you.



•$3,000 signing bonus for 18-month commitment

•$1,000 of relocation expenses.

•$300 in CE reimbursements per year

•Workman’s comp insurance

•Malpractice insurances

•Licensing fees

•Furnished spacious (11’x14′ offices) located in North Liberty, IA

•Simple to use EHR

•Generous advertising budget, strong online presence, and solid community reputation

•The clinic is located in an area with high therapy demand

•Flexible schedule with remote days of work, if desired

•Paneled with only high paying insurances (Medicare and Blue Cross)

•Provider-centered clinic with a great boss to boot!

•Professional development assistance

•Relocation assistance

When it comes to health insurance plans, we didn’t want to lock you into a plan that may not fit your particular needs. Instead, we have maximized your salary and allowed you to decide what plan makes sense for you. Our salaries are about $10,000 to $15,000 higher than most other clinics. Most health insurance contributions from employers add up to around $3,000 to $5,000 and only cover 50% of the plan’s costs while leaving you with a high deductible. We have an insurance agent that can help you identify a plan that works for you. Or, if possible, you can join a partner’s plan and keep all the salary that would normally go to health insurance.


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $78.00 – $106.00 per hour

Schedule: 8 hour shift

Supplemental Pay: Bonus pay


COVID-19 considerations:
Work can be fully remote for periods during increases in the pandemic.


Application Requirements:

•Must be a resident of the state of Iowa.

•Must have a full and unrestricted license to practice psychotherapy in Iowa, such as LMHC, LMFT, LISW, or Licensed Psychologist.

•Education: Master’s Degree required

•License/Certification: License to practice therapy in Iowa: LISW, LMHC, LP, LMFT required

•Work Location: One location


If you are interested in this position or have questions, please reach out to Dr. Jason Drwal (jasondrwal@evergreentherapycenter.com), who serves as the owner, therapist, staff advocate, communicate outreach coordinator, secretary, accountant, janitor, and other roles at Evergreen Therapy Center. 

I look forward to hearing from you!