Therapy for Panic

What Is Panic?

Around 30% of people will experience at least one panic attack in their lifetime. Panic attacks are intense moments of physical and mental overload. Many people avoid work, interactions with family and friends, and day-to-day life in general to avoid panic attacks. 

Mindfulness Therapy for Panic

Mindfulness therapy is an approach that is based on Buddhist philosophy but is non-spiritual in practice. Mindfulness can help you to slow down and live in the present moment, but do so with a sense of awareness about your thoughts.

Meditation, yoga, and other practices can cultivate a sense of mindfulness. We teach clients meditation, but also teach mindfulness in other ways, such as how to approach your morning routine more thoughtfully, and interact with children in a more engaged way.

Putting mindfulness to work isn’t a single step; it is a skill that requires patience, practice, and dedication. Mindfulness can be life-changing.