Christine Topping, LMFT

Meet Christine Topping, LMFT

Christine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is skilled in coaching individuals, couples, children and families on how to make meaningful change and address life’s challenges. 

Christine’s areas of specialty include working with couples and families. She utilizes many techniques such as solution-focused therapy (SFT) and parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT).

Issues I Can Help You With

My Style of Therapy

My passion is empowering others to take meaningful actions to address their problems. I enjoy using solution-focused therapy (SFT) and narrative therapy techniques. People often get “stuck” in the negative narrative and are unable to see change or a new solution to the problem. Both solution-focused and narrative techniques allow a person to process through their past, without staying stuck.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for children with behavioral challenges. 

PCIT consists of “coaching” sessions where the child and parent are often in a playroom, while the therapist is in an observation area, watching the interactions. The parent will wear a device in their ear, which allows the parent to receive real-time feedback from the therapist, providing immediate coaching on how to better manage the child’s behavior.  

Treatment is often done in two phases. The first phase focuses on establishing rapport and warmth in your relationship with your child. The skills given in this phase are proven to help your child feel more calm and secure. The second phase will assist you in managing the most challenging parts of your child’s behavior.  Some of these skills include your approach to discipline and how to remain positive and consistent. 

Desired outcomes of these phases include an increase in your child’s self-esteem and pro-social behaviors. As well as a decrease in their defiance and the frequency/severity of aggressive and negative attention-seeking behaviors.

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