Insurance & Fees


We accept any kind of Blue Cross Blue Shield (e.g., Federal, Wellmark, out of state). Because of licensing laws, we cannot provide therapy to clients living in other states.  Most insurances cover most of the cost of therapy. You only have to pay the copay, which is sometimes $0 to $40. In most cases, if your insurance covers a visit to your primary care doctor, they will cover a visit to a psychotherapist. But the only way to be certain is to call the number on your insurance card and ask the following:

What If I Don't Have An Insurance You Accept?

Sessions can be paid out-of-pocket (you are paying yourself). Fees range from $164 – $197 per session.

If you have another insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed for some of the cost. This is called out-of-network benefits. Not all insurances do this. But you can ask the following: