Lexy Howell, LMFT, RPT

Meet Lexy Howell, LMFT, RPT

Lexy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who helps adults, teens, children and  families. She is also a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and a Theraplay Informed Practitioner. She has a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy from Mt. Mercy University and has worked in several treatment settings. Lexy is passionate about working with those who struggle with anxiety, self-image, trauma, transitions and relational concerns.

Below are descriptions of treatment for child and adult therapy. Feel free to scroll through the whole profile or . . .

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Child Therapy and Counseling

Whether you are reaching out for your child individually or with parenting struggles, I am here to support you in a compassionate and positive regard. If you want support for your child individually, I will initially meet with both of you, in order to identify the core issues. I will work to create a space for you and your child to openly and safely express your concerns. I will help develop self-compassion and change negative parent-child interactions.

When I work with your child individually, I will often use Play therapy as a tool to make progress toward your goals. Play therapy is a powerful therapeutic intervention that helps children express their thoughts, feelings and experiences without the need for talking. Play therapy can help your child process through underlying emotional distress, help them communicate their emotions more effectively and develop healthy emotional regulation skills to reduce problematic behavior.

Adolescent Therapy and Counseling

For your adolescent, feeling accepted is a key component for them opening up and sharing what is truly causing them distress. I will work to develop a safe and secure therapeutic alliance, where your teen is free to discuss their true struggles and feelings. This could mean talking about peer relationships, emotional struggles, familial concerns, trauma or loss.

One approach I may use to support your teen is solution-focused therapy (SFT) (see my work with adults for more details). SFT can be used to develop more effective coping skills, self-confidence and inherent natural problem-solving abilities. I will address both social issues (peer relationships, school issues, social isolation etc.) and emotional issues (anxiety, depression, self-esteem, suicidal ideation and other problems) in a variety of ways to make progress toward your goals.

Through our work, your teen can start to feel calmer, more confident and more secure in themselves.

Issues I Can Help You With

Adult Therapy and Counseling

“It all begins with the relationship.”

When I begin working with any client, my immediate focus is to grow and create a strong and safe therapeutic alliance. 

No matter what stressor or concern brings you in, I will work with you in a supportive and collaborative manner to identify and implement solutions that work for you. I work from a strengths-based focus, as I believe all individuals inherently have the strengths they need to navigate and manage their concerns. I will work with you to identify and utilize your unique individual strengths to grow and change. 

Solution-Focused Therapy

If you’re feeling lost and want actionable steps to improve your mental health, solution-focused therapy (SFT) might be the right approach for you. SFT is about focusing on the here and now, taking goal-oriented steps and creating attainable solutions. It works to highlight your strengths and helps you to utilize these strengths to feel better quickly. SFT can support positive change for people of any age, education level, or mental health struggle. I’ve used this approach to help many clients with depression, anxiety, trauma and relationship problems. 

If we agree SFT is the right approach for you, we will begin by establishing clear, realistic and attainable goals. We will explore your past successes, strengths and coping mechanisms to make progress.

Through our work, you can grow and develop the tools to resolve your concerns now and confidently on your own in the future. 


What Clients Are Saying

"We bring our daughter here for Play Therapy sessions and she absolutely loves her time with Lexy Howell. We can't thank her enough for the help and progress that she's made with our daughter. I highly recommend her!"
-Keegan P.

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