Mallory Markwitz, LISW

Meet Mallory Markwitz, LISW

Mallory Markwitz is a Licensed Independent Social Worker who helps individuals and couples. She has worked with first responders, college students and those experiencing grief and loss.

Her areas of specialty include the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. Clients have commented on her compassion, empathy and ability to effectively teach relevant coping skills. Mallory’s approach is to provide support, while also empowering clients to make meaningful change.

Mallory Markwitz Cedar Rapids Counselor

My Style of Therapy

Many are reluctant to seek therapy or help, as they see it as a sign of weakness and feel they can cope on their own. However, the path to healing can very quickly become overwhelming.

While it can be challenging to open up and be vulnerable to someone new, there are times when we need a new perspective, someone to help guide us through life’s challenges.

I understand this reluctance and I’m here to make this process as easy and as helpful as possible. I will listen, provide encouragement and teach you the skills you need to improve your life.


Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) can help you use your natural problem-solving skills. It is a goal-oriented therapeutic approach that helps you find solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

  • Focus on Solutions: SFT emphasizes identifying and building upon your strengths and resources to find solutions to your problems. Sometimes, the problem is that our natural coping abilities are being suppressed or blocked, rather than not existing. SFT will encourage you to find strengths you never realized you had.

  • Brief and Future-Oriented: SFT is typically brief and future-focused. It helps you to understand the life you want and helps you to set goals to move toward this life. SFT is present- and future-oriented, rather than childhood or past-focused. Although we won’t ignore past trauma, the idea is that life will only change if you do things different today.

  • Collaborative Approach: You and I will work together as partners in the therapeutic process. While I don’t have all the answers, I will help you to explore and develop solutions so you can start living the life you want and deserve. 

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