Katie Burrell, LMSW

Meet Katie Burrell, LMSW

Katie is a Licensed Master Social Worker with over 15 years experience in the field of social work. 

Katie’s areas of specialty include individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, shame, guilt and regret.  She is a strong believer in building on strengths and inner resources and providing a therapeutic relationship that is warm, encouraging, and nonjudgmental.

Location: North Liberty/Telehealth

Insurance: BCBS, Private Pay

Issues I Can Help You With

My Style of Therapy

“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human” – Brene Brown

I have practiced in the field of social worker for over 15 years. As a social worker, I have spent my career listening and helping clients to make change. I primarily work with adults. I particularly enjoy working with individuals who are struggling with anxiety; specifically surrounding life changes (parenthood, relationship changes, grief and loss and adjusting to young adulthood). Depression and anxiety symptoms increase when what we picture our ideal life to look like becomes further and further from our actual reality. I work with individuals on accepting the reality of life; that pain and change are inevitable. We have the power to respond to our pain and heal it. Together we will work to help you see hope again.

Connection is key in life. Human beings are wired to need connection and the therapeutic relationship is no exception. Humor is a big part of healing. The power of a smile can never be lost. I love helping others find joy again. I don’t have many therapy sessions where I am not laughing alongside my clients at some point. I view my role as being a companion alongside of you. Every client I work with is unique and I will meet you where you are at. The therapeutic setting needs to be an area where you can safely say anything. It is powerful what people will share if they are given a safe and judgment free environment. Together we’ll develop a plan to start making you feel better.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our mind believes what we tell it. Suppose when you’re under stress you tell yourself something like “I am a bad person” or “I screw up everything.” These kinds of statements have a powerful impact on our mood by making us feel guilty, helpless, and alone.

I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to address this kind of negative self-talk. I’ll help you to recognize and change the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are the source of anxiety, depression, and other forms of distress. Through our work, you can begin to accept yourself, feel more confident, and face the problems that you’ve been avoiding.

Cognitive Processing Therapy

I also work with individuals who have gone through trauma. One of several techniques I use is cognitive processing therapy (CPT). This is an evidence-based therapy for treating trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This treatment helps you by working on what we call “stuck points.” 

Stuck points are common thoughts after trauma and are fear-based beliefs that develop from trauma. It could be a belief that you can’t trust anyone or you aren’t safe, even in your own home. I will help you to identify your stuck points and work to change them. This therapy can bring hope and healing to you.

In addition to CPT, I will help you to calm yourself, set goals, and stop the feeling that the world is “racing” around you. You can feel more confident and in control. 


What Clients Are Saying

"Katie has been proactive in learning more about what I'm struggling with in order to help me. She has purchased books and researched topics particular to me. She told me when I first started that we would be working together and she would be learning right along with me. I see her fulfilling that statement."

"Listens without judgment...evident in her overt/explicit statements to this point and overall interactions."

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